Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sorry I messed up!

Sorry, I messed up last time. I tried to be creative. Now I know that I need to be more traditinal that most people I guess
I am still a new hand with blogging. Can anybody tell me how to edit the pictures once you put them in, like switching them around to different places?

I have a couple pictures I'd to share with you. Hope you like them. This is the Taipei temple

outside our office window.

A typical day in a missionary's life

We can't believe how time flies when we are not noticing. With only less than 17 months left of our mission, sometimes we are frustruated that we are not learning as fast as we would like.

We are old people, you known after all. But it helps to know that Elder Wan and I are part of the world wide support missionaries who connect with one another through internet. Thanks to the modern technology, we are getting trained through web conferences and skpre by trainers that live in different parts of US ,whom we have never met and probably would never meet.They monitor our progress very well.

We learned that a typical day in a missionary's life IS NEVER TYPICAL for it involves many facets. Our job assignments include working full time in the Family History Support office, serving as temple workers, proselying and translation. A full P day is never typical too.

We are very busy but we love it. Our testimony of the Gospel is being strengthened as we engage ourselves in this great cause. During our proselying, we met some , who at first refused to give us his or her phone number, yet upon hearing that we have a great genealogy program or FHE program,changed one's mind.

We saw one of our old friends, Brother Lee Chung San at the Family History Exhibition. He had traced his genealogy records up to 3000 BC, to Wang Dei, our first ancient Chinese emperor in ancient history. The records came to him through alot of faith, diligent searching, and by miracles. It took him several years to submit over 100,000 names to the temple for ordinaces! Probably the names that he submitted alone will keep both the Taipei temple and Hong Kong temple very busy for many years to come!

Friday, September 4, 2009

We have settled down in Taiwan!

After having lived here for a month now, we have finally got over the jet lag and become totally settled down in our environment. We love the people in Taiwan and especially like the Taiwanese noodles and little snacks. They are so cheap here, for a couple dollars, you can fill your hungry stomach with a bowl of steamly hot delicious noodles. I am always hungry for food. I especially like shaved ice with different toppings like canied beans, and grains. They just melt the heat away instantly!

Our work is going well. It's more than a full time job since we are not totally comfortable with the soft wears yet. Our office manager has ordered a humongous computer for us for our old eyes. That really helps a lot.

The other way a mayor TV network came to visit our family history center and interviewed us to ask us why we puts such emphasis on family history work. Joseph explained to them very well from our religious point of view. They filmed the interview with him on TV. He was on TV the second week we came

We Chinese takes pride in writing our family history and preserving it. There are some members who have traced their genealogy records up to Huang Dei, the first emperor in ancient China, to 3000 B. C. Many miracles happen when our hearts are turned towards our ancestors.
Brother Lee as shown in the picture turned in over 150000 names to the temple for baptism and Taipei temple has acquired hundreds and thousands of names which would keep them busy for the next 10 year!

I know the church is true. It is only by obeying the commandments that we can find true happiness in life.