Friday, September 4, 2009

We have settled down in Taiwan!

After having lived here for a month now, we have finally got over the jet lag and become totally settled down in our environment. We love the people in Taiwan and especially like the Taiwanese noodles and little snacks. They are so cheap here, for a couple dollars, you can fill your hungry stomach with a bowl of steamly hot delicious noodles. I am always hungry for food. I especially like shaved ice with different toppings like canied beans, and grains. They just melt the heat away instantly!

Our work is going well. It's more than a full time job since we are not totally comfortable with the soft wears yet. Our office manager has ordered a humongous computer for us for our old eyes. That really helps a lot.

The other way a mayor TV network came to visit our family history center and interviewed us to ask us why we puts such emphasis on family history work. Joseph explained to them very well from our religious point of view. They filmed the interview with him on TV. He was on TV the second week we came

We Chinese takes pride in writing our family history and preserving it. There are some members who have traced their genealogy records up to Huang Dei, the first emperor in ancient China, to 3000 B. C. Many miracles happen when our hearts are turned towards our ancestors.
Brother Lee as shown in the picture turned in over 150000 names to the temple for baptism and Taipei temple has acquired hundreds and thousands of names which would keep them busy for the next 10 year!

I know the church is true. It is only by obeying the commandments that we can find true happiness in life.

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