Sunday, November 22, 2009

Serving 2 masters

On November 1, we had a change of temple presidency. With this change came new callings or additional callings for us, Joseph as the first counselor to the temple presidency and I as the first assistant to the matron.

These callings came as a huge surprise for everyone and a big disappointment for our manager Steve Tsai who was counting on having us to share some of his workloads in Family History after 3 months of intensive training.In order to help him share some of his burdens and also to continue with our love affair with Family History work, we are now working on our dual callings in both departments wearing 2 hats as Family History Are Support missionaries and temple workers, zipping between 2 places across the street.

Our days are full working 10-12 hours a day, 6 days a week for our 2 callings.We are managing well and are LOVING IT.Family history work and temple work are 2 important facets for redemption for the dead. One cannot do without the other.They are equally important to men's salvation. We are grateful that we have this additional opportunity to learn more about temple work.

We have met many individuals whose faith and testimony has really inspired us and instilled in us a new passion for temple work. There is this blind elderly sister by the name of Chen Yang Su Yuen who has been coming to work in the temple for the last 18 years. She usually comes to work for a week on a stretch at a time. The temple has grown very familiar to her through her touch.When she passes the veil someday, she will be able to see what a beautiful the Taipei Temple is and how many people she has helped through the years.

How thankful we are to be living in an era when temples dot the earth with temple blessings more accessible to God's children on earth. I know as we strive to utilize the temple for the benefits of others as well as ourselves, many blessings will come to us as the fire of the covenents will burn deep in our hearts with a unshakable faith in God.

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