Monday, December 7, 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We can't believe that we are getting towards the end of the year. It has been almost FOUR months since we came.How time flies! Just as you are trying to embrace life, it just slips away through your fingers like fine sand that is so hard to grasp.

Just as our first part of 2009 was spent in excited anticipation for our mission, the latter part was mostly on getting a handle of what involved in being missionaries.And now with our callings to work in the temple, we are just as busy as can be which is good because there is never a dull moment in our lives. Fortunately we live close enough to the temple that we can be summoned to work any time of the week. We have gone for weeks without taking a p-day off.

Our temple president, Pre. Horner is such a sweet man to work with and his wife is gifted with many talents. A man of integrity and humble faith,President Horner served as the mission president in Taipei 18 years ago. This is now their third mission. We are grateful to the Lord for giving us this precious opportunity to learn from their example.

Our work in the temple has afforded us time to reflect and time to meditate. I stand in awe of the Lord's abiding love and mercy in providing for all of us a sure way to return to His presence, through His atoning sacrifice by which we can conquer sins and obtain our salvation.I will forever praise Him and His holy name. Let's do our very best to follow Him in the coming year, I pray in the name of Christ Amen

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  1. Hi Joseph and Sukyi!We miss you! I have been reading your blog. It sounds like you are keeping busy and having a good time. Your children are a blessing and Zoe and Clancy are growing up so fast! Hope to see you again soon. ---Yvette and Steve Benjamin